Bid Euchre

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Looking for a fun, challenging Bid Euchre game? Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

Learning Bid Euchre? The AI will show you suggested bids and plays. Play along and learn. For experienced players, six levels of AI play are ready to challenge you!

NeuralPlay double deck Bid Euchre offers many rule options and features and for you to enjoy. Customize and let the NeuralPlay AI challenge you with your favorite rules!

Rule customizations include:

  • Deck size. Play with a 32, 40, or 48 card deck.
  • Bidding rounds. Choose a single round or multiple rounds.
  • Bidding trump choice. Choose suits only, suits and high notrump, or suits with high and low notrump.
  • Minimum opening bid. Set the minimum opening bid from 1 to 4.
  • Special bids. Choose whether or not to play with the Call 2, Call 1, and Shoot the Moon bids.
  • Dealer can steal. When playing with a single round of bidding, optionally allow the dealer to steal the bid.
  • Stick the dealer. Optionally require the dealer to bid when all players have passed.
  • Notrump bid rank. Play with notrump bids ranked lower than suit bids.
  • Game over. Choose whether the game ends at a predetermined number of points or after a certain number of hands.

Features include:

  • Undo.
  • Replay hand.
  • Skip hand.
  • Offline play.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • Bid and play hints. Uncertain of what to bid or play? See what the computer would do!
  • Bid and play checker. Let the computer check your bids and plays throughout the game and point out differences.
  • Play review. Step through the play of the hand to review and improve your play.
  • Six levels of computer AI to provide challenges for beginning to advanced players.
  • Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent for different rule variations.
  • Claim. Claim the remaining tricks when your hand is high.