Bridge FAQ

What books and websites do you recommend?

There are many helpful books and websites. Here are a few of the books we have found helpful.

And here are a few of the websites we have found helpful.

How does the computer AI work?

The computer AI bidding is rule-based. We have rules for the bids of each supported bidding system and convention. The AI will check rules based on the current bidding and find the appropriate bid.

The computer AI play is based on simulation. Information from both the bidding and the play is applied to guess a possible layout (deal) of all the cards. With this layout, our double dummy solver is applied to find a good play. By repeating this process for many different layouts, the AI estimates a good play without peeking at the actual distribution of the hand.

Why does the computer AI take time to make a play?

The AI is checking many different possible layouts (deals) of the cards and playing to the end of the hand for each layout for each possible play. This allows the AI to estimate the best play. In general, the more layouts checked, the better the overall play. The trade-off is calculation time. On the higher AI levels, the AI searches more possible layouts of the cards. The time required depends on the device CPU.

Why does the computer think for a long time when playing Duplicate Teams?

In Duplicate Teams, four computers play the hand while your are playing the hand. If you finish your hand quickly, the computers may still be be playing. You must wait for the computers to finish before you can see the score and continue. The may take a minute or two depending on the speed of your device.

What are shared hands?

Shared hands are hands that you email another person or post on the internet. To create a shared hand from a hand you are currently playing, choose the Share Hand menu item. You may then email or post the hand for your friends to see. You may use a shared hand to ask your friend for play or bidding advice.

Can my friend without NeuralPlay Bridge view my shared hand?

Yes. Your friend will be able to view the shared hand with a web browser. However, to play the shared hand NeuralPlay Bridge must be installed on a supported device.

How do I reset to the default settings and configuration?

Go to the main screen and choose Menu -> Reset.