Hearts play Hearts points taken

Play many popular variants: Standard, Omnibus (Ten or Jack of Diamonds), Spot, Hooligan, Pip, and more!

Design your own Hearts variant. Assign your point values to the cards. Let the AI your favorite variant!

Just learning Hearts? The NeuralPlay AI will show you suggested passes and plays. Play along and learn!

Experienced Hearts player? Six levels of AI play are offered. Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

Rule customizations include:

  • Assign your point values to the cards. Design your own Hearts variant.
  • Pass directions. Choose which pass directions to include in the game: hold, left, right, and across.
  • Initial lead. Choose whether the Two of Clubs leads or left of the dealer leads.
  • Points on first trick. Choose whether or not to allow points on the first trick.
  • Hearts can be lead anytime. Choose whether or not hearts must be broken before being lead.
  • Queen of Spades breaks hearts. Choose whether or not playing the Queen of Spades breaks hearts.
  • Hearts and the Queen of Spades. Choose whether or not a hand with only hearts and the Queen of Spades can lead hearts.
  • Shooting the Moon. Choose to add points, subtract points, or disable Shooting the Moon.
  • Fun scoring triggers. Choose to have an exact score of 100 or 50 go back to 0 points.
  • Double points card. Choose a card to double the captured points.

Features include:

  • Hints.
  • Undo.
  • Review the play of the hand trick by trick.
  • Six levels of computer AI to provide challenges for beginning to advanced players.
  • Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent for different rule variations.
  • Pass and play checker. Let the computer check your pass and play throughout the game and point out differences.
  • Autoplay hand. Let the computer finish the play of the hand for you.
  • Claim. Claim the remaining tricks when your hand is high.
  • Replay hand.
  • Skip hand.
  • Offline play.
The following features are available on Android, iOS support is in the works.
  • Detailed player statistics.
  • Achievements.
  • Leaderboard.