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Play the popular card game Pitch (High Low Jack) and Auction Pitch (Setback). Either team up with a NeuralPlay AI partner or play solo (cutthroat) against the NeuralPlay AI opponents.

Just learning Pitch? The NeuralPlay AI will show you suggested bids and moves. Play along and learn!

Experienced Pitch player? Six levels of AI play are offered. Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

Rule customizations include:

  • Stick the dealer. The dealer must bid if all other players pass.
  • Dealer can steal. The dealer does not have to bid greater than the previous bid but may bid the same as a previous bid to take the bid.
  • Shooting the moon. Choose to bid the maximum bid to win or increase the maximum bid by one and award an extra point for taking all the tricks.
  • Must bid to win. The winner must make the last bid of the game in addition to reaching winning points.
  • Junk points. The defending team may/may not score points taken.
  • Minimum bid. The minimum required bid may be set from 1 to 5.
  • Low point. Choose whether the point for low trump goes to the capturer or the player who was dealt the low trump.
  • Jokers. Choose to play with zero, one, or two jokers.
  • Off-jack. Choose to play with the off-jack as an additional trump.
  • Three of trump. Play with the three of trump worth three points.
  • Five of trump. Play with the five of trump worth five points.
  • Ten of trump. Play with the ten of trump for a point instead of game.
  • Last trick. Choose to score the last trick as a point.
  • Leading. Choose between: the makers must lead trump on the first trick; any suit may be lead anytime; and trump may not be lead until broken.
  • Following suit. Choose whether or not when following one may play a trump instead of the suit lead.
  • Initial deal. Choose between six and ten cards for the initial deal.
  • Discarding. After trump is determined choose to allow or disallow discarding. Discarding options include all nontrump cards and any cards.
  • Game over. Choose whether the game ends at a predetermined number of points or after a certain number of hands.

Features include:

  • Bid and play hints. Uncertain of what to bid or play? See what the computer would do!
  • Bid and play checker. Let the computer check your bid and play throughout the game and point out differences. Great for learning!
  • Review the play of the hand trick by trick at the end of the hand.
  • Six levels of computer AI to provide challenges for beginning to advanced players.
  • Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent for different rule variations.
  • Claim. Claim the remaining tricks when your hand is high.
  • Autoplay hand. Let the computer finish the play of the hand for you.
  • Undo.
  • Skip hand.
  • Replay hand.
  • Offline play.
The following features are available on Android, iOS support is in the works.
  • Detailed player statistics.
  • Achievements.
  • Leaderboard.