Five Hundred (500)

Five Hundred play Five Hundred slam contract made

Play Five Hundred (500) against the challenging NeuralPlay AI! Play with the rules you like. Support includes American and Australian rules plus many rule options to customize.

Just learning Five Hundred? The NeuralPlay AI will show you suggested bids and moves. Play along and learn!

Experienced Five Hundred player? Six levels of AI play are offered. Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

Rule customizations include:

  • Kitty/deck size. Choose from 2 to 6 cards for the kitty. The deck size will adjust accordingly adding the lower cards and an additional joker as required.
  • Bidding rounds. Choose between multiple rounds or a single round.
  • Nullo (Misere) bids. Choose to enable or disable Nullo bids.
  • Open Nullo (Open Misere) bids. Choose the point value for Open Nullo bids.
  • Slam. Optionally award a minimum of 250 points for a slam.
  • Must bid to win. Optionally set a cap on the defenders score to enforce must bid to win.
  • Inkle bids. Choose to make 6 level bids Inkle bids.
  • Game over. Choose whether the game ends at a predetermined number of points or after a certain number of hands.

Features include:

  • Bid and play hints. Uncertain of what to bid or play? See what the computer would do!
  • Bid and play checker. Let the computer check your bid and play throughout the game and point out differences. Great for learning!
  • Review the play of the hand trick by trick at the end of the hand.
  • Six levels of computer AI to provide challenges for beginning to advanced players.
  • Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent for different rule variations.
  • Claim. Claim the remaining tricks when your hand is high.
  • Autoplay hand. Let the computer finish the play of the hand for you.
  • Undo.
  • Skip hand.
  • Replay hand.
  • Offline play.
The following features are available on Android, iOS support is in the works.
  • Detailed player statistics.
  • Achievements.
  • Leaderboard.