NeuralPlay is developing computer artificial intelligence (AI) tools and AIs for popular card and board games.  Most of our software is available on Google Play for Android devices.

We currently have artificial intelligences available for the card games Solitaire, Spades, Hearts, and the board game Reversi.  In addition, we offer a free tool to help learn about Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Algorithm Explorer.

Spades by NeuralPlay for Android offers many fun and useful features, including
  • support for popular Spades variants
    • standard partnership spades
    • mirror spades
    • suicide spades
    • whiz spades
    • solo spades (cut throat spades)
  • six levels of computer play
  • support for both tablets and phones
  • animations and optional sound effects
  • rule customizations
    • allow blind nil bids?
    • two of clubs leads?
    • can trump first trick?
    • spades can be lead anytime?
    • game over options: number of hands or number of points
Visit the Spades page for more information, or better yet, try Spades on your phone!  Here is a direct link to Spades on Google Play.


Looking for a fun, challenging Hearts game? Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

  • support for many popular Hearts variants including
    • Standard Hearts
    • Omnibus Hearts (Jack of Diamonds)
    • Team Hearts
    • Spot Hearts
  • six levels of computer play
  • support for both tablets and phones
  • animations and optional sound effects
  • rule customizations
    • choose which pass directions to include in the game (we don't like hold hands)
    • does the Two of Clubs lead?
    • are points ok on first trick?
    • does the Queen of Spades break hearts?
    • can a hand with only hearts and the Queen of Spades lead hearts?
    • is the Jack of Diamonds minus ten points?
    • is the Queen of Spades thirteen points?
    • does the Ten of Clubs double a players score?
    • is shooting the moon allowed?
    • are the players across from each other partners?
    • does a score of 100 exactly return to 0?
    • how many points to game over?
  • Visit the Hearts page for more information, or better yet, try Hearts on your phone!  Here is a direct link to Hearts on Google Play.

Solitaire with AI Solver
NeuralPlay offers the popular Klondike Solitaire game with powerful and unique features.
  • NeuralPlay AI Solver
    • Have trouble solving a deal? 
    • The NeuralPlay Artificial Intelligence (AI) will try to solve it for you!
    • The NeuralPlay AI Solver is on your device, no internet connection required!
  • Thoughtful Klondike
    • Play Klondike Solitaire with all the cards in the tableau exposed.  
    • You will find that perfect information about the deal offers a new way to challenge yourself!
  • Solvable Deals
    • Want to be sure the deal you are playing is solvable?  
    • The NeuralPlay AI Solver can solve deals before presenting them to you!
    • Unlimited solvable deals to play, generated right on your device!
Visit the Solitaire with AI Solver page for more information, or better yet, try Solitaire with AI Solver on your phone or tablet!  In beta now, send us an email for an invite.

Genetic Algorithm Explorer
Learn about Genetic Agorithms (GAs) with Genetic Algorithm Explorer.
  • Let the built-in tutorial guide you as you explore the world of GAs.
  • Watch an animation of the evolutionary process including crossover and mutation as the GA solves the Bulls and Cows code-breaking problem.
  • Watch and view the solution paths as the GA solves the Travelling Salesman Problem.
  • Graphically view the results of the evolutionary process over the course of generations.
  • Tweak the GA parameters: population size, crossover rate, mutation rate, and elitism to explore the effects.
  • Tweak the problem parameters for the Travelling Salesman Problem and the Bulls and Cows Problem.
Visit the Genetic Algorithm Explorer page for more information, or better yet, try Genetic Algorithm Explorer on your phone or tablet!  Here is a direct link to Genetic Algorithm Explorer on Google Play.

Our Reversi AI sports a strong artificial neural network.  More conventional brute force methods applying game tree search to Reversi work well, however a well-trained neural network can offer better performance given cpu time and processing constraints.    The limited processing power of a cell phone illustrates the advantages of a well-trained neural network over a brute-force approach.  NeuralPlay Reversi is currently available for Android phones on Google Play.  Visit the Reversi page for more information, or better yet, try Reversi on your phone!  Here is a direct link to Reversi on Google Play.

Please send inquires and feedback to support@neuralplay.com.